RIP: Zambia Radio Personality Changu Chilwesa Cause Of Death, How Did He Die? Age, Funeral & Obituary!

Hello readers welcome back to our article we are here informing you about death of a radio personality which is making a lot of controversies and people wanted to know that what was the exact reason of her death so we are talking about the former Christian voice presenter Changu Chilwesa. She is well known zambia media personality and now she has departed from this earth according to the reports.

Talking about her cause of death so as of now there is no information regarding the cause of her death but we are here and we are trying our best to get connected with her family members so that we can update you with the latest information regarding her as well as about her cause of death this section will be updated soon as soon as we will we getting information about this terrific situation.

Changu Chilwesa Death News

Number of people are coming up to pay her tribute on the social media platform and currently people are expressing their emotions about her death her death news was by her own brother and now the whole family is completely devastated. She was a real inspiration for many people and also a great reflection for the simplicity and the passion. She will be forever missed by the people out there.

Changu Chilwesa: Wikipedia & Bio

She came into existence when she came up with the new show generation on Christian voice at the time and she got immense love support by the people. She was a great example for many of the people out there and she was grown up on the Christian voice it is very sad to learn that she has passed away and people are still not able to believe that it was the last day of her in this earth.


Our heart goes out to you for the loss of your dear family member we know how much she meant to you we will keep you in our thoughts and in our prayers, we are here to support you at any time and any hour sending you so much love you were Virtually inseparable may all your wonderful memories comforts you during this heart breaking time and may her beautiful soul rest in peace.

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