RIP: Cannibal Holocaust Director Ruggero Deodato Cause Of Death, How Did He Die? Funeral & Obituary!

Italian Filmmaker Ruggero Deodato, who is widely known for his movie Cannibal Holocaust has now passed away at the age of 83. His demise news was released online and many filmmakers and actors paid tribute along with netizens who discussed his works. Ruggero was someone who got arrested for his film which is widely popular called Cannibal Holocaust and the director was even arrested for his work. His life has been more controversial and also was a master of many classic films in the Italian film industry. Stay tuned as we covered details about Ruggero’s demise and also about his life as well.

Ruggero passed away this week and his demise news was reported or mentioned to media by his family. While it can be said that the director was widely praised for his other films, his one film got him arrested and has led him into controversies over countries., as his film Cannibal Holocaust was banned in over 50 countries during the 80s era. Ruggero was someone who was widely experienced in his work and also someone who had over 60 years of experience in filming and direction as well. Although Ruggero was more interested in filming and also had a clean career his one film got him into controversy while none of his other projects did. Speaking about Cannibal Holocaust, this project was released back in the 1980s.

Ruggero Deodato: Wikipedia & Bio

Now talking about his controversial film, the film was directed in a way that every actor and every detail in it looked real making people believe that the actors were killed in real life, which led Italian authorities to arrest Ruggero and he was filed for animal cruelty and murder as well. This movie was directed in a found footage style and was mockumentary genre. The story revolves around four documentary filmmakers who went to eth forest in the South American jungles. While they get through the forest they pass away. Years later a professor finds the tapes of the filmmakers while he was on rescue mission to the Amazon forest.

How Did Ruggero Deodato Die?

Ruggero was filed in a murder and animal cruelty case the case was turned upside down when an actor came ahead in the court and was charged with animal cruelty. On the other hand, this film was banned in America but later in 2011, this film regained it position and horrific scenes of animal brutal killing came ahead which was restored. Being born in Potenza, Deodato, on the 7th of May 1939, Ruggero started to work in many short films in the filming industry while he used to do comedy skits, dramas, spaghetti westerns and much more and later he released his first picture called Fenoma and the treasure of Tutankhamun which he wrote by himself and released in 1968.

Other than cannibal Holocaust, he worked for and wrote and directed many films like Body county from 1986, The Barbarians from 1987, and the Dial Help from 1988 which he co-wrote. He also directed many local series like Thinking about Africa, padre Speranza, and Incantesmo 8 along with The Boys of the wall. While his last work was December which was a holiday-seasoned dark-sided movie that was segmented into 24 parts of horror. Ruggero’s demise news was mentioned but his cause of death and his funeral details are yet to be mentioned by the family.

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