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Spending the holidays alone is never fun, but not everyone has a supportive and loving family to call back to on a special day like Christmas. TikToker and OnlyFans creator Mikaela Testa is one of them, sharing with her followers a Christmas she spent with her unsupportive family.

“So it’s Christmas and I’m in tears at the airport in my hometown. I haven’t been here in five years,” Testa began her video. “I come from a very picky family, I’m a sex worker and I never go to my mum’s house at Christmas because everyone is picky and mean to me.”

Testa is one of seven daughters, and none of her six younger sisters support her older sister’s efforts. “Two of my six sisters really hate me,” Testa shared with her audience, before adding “one of them actually slept with her boyfriend in 2016.”


The other sucked Testa’s money, and when she finally had enough of sending her home, she came to hate her big sister. “Many years have passed since then and I think we’ll just let it go. I’ve apologized. I said my part,” Testa shared with her followers.

So Testa finally decides to go home for Christmas, but her sisters tell their mother they won’t come if she comes to the party, so her trip is short-lived. “So I had to leave and now I’m flying home at the airport for Christmas with my three cats,” Testa said.

“Being on social media has totally affected my family life,” she added, before breaking down and sharing “they said nasty things” and disapproved of her on social media. Testa said at the end of her video: “This is the last chance I will give my family, and for my own mental health, it will be the last time I will see them.”

People in the comment section expressed their support for Testa and called on her family to stay away from her. Popular TikToker Tefi Pessoa commented on Testa’s video: “You have a big heart”. “Eldest daughter is always the worst,” wrote another commenter. “Poor kid, but better alone than bad,” wrote another.

Although Testa spent Christmas alone with her three cats, people on TikTok kept reminding her how much she was loved, whether the family was involved or not.

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