Harun Tusenmacher & Harun Olivia Video Went Viral On Twitter & Reddit!

We are here to inform you about some of the Twitter videos which are getting viral on the social media platform so you might be wondering to know we are talking about Harun Tusenmacher and Harun Olivia. So as Harun is having more than 30 years of experience in the field of journalism talking about more of his achievement so he was already the founder of the independent Somali media which is said to be authorized by the government in the year 1991.

Earlier he also worked with several other correspondent-associated presses where he did a great job and always used to motivate people out there he has been becoming the longest-serving VOA from the editor and he joined it on July 2008 present Harun has been working there he has been launching hard-hitting programs related to VOA Somali channel.

Harun Tusenmacher & Harun Olivia Latest Video Viral

Apart from journalism he also investigates reporting and series he has been influencing a number of people he had a great talent for the work in his field as well as he is a focused person. He has been influenced by the political change in the Somali government he is an inspiration for a number of people and apart from this he is a great human being. Apart from his working life,

Who Are Harun Tusenmacher And Harun Olivia?

There are very few things because he is a very private person in real life and that is the reason why we were not able together much information about him but we will make sure to keep you guys completed wait for the information whenever we will be receiving any relevant information. Journalism is an activity of gathering and greeting of presentation for presenting a piece of news or information.

Harun Tusenmacher And Harun Olivia Full Video Link

Journalism is also the collection through which we can distribute news and we can also feature a number of materials like through magazines, blogs, books podcasts, and social networking sites it is quite interesting and even entertaining however the purpose of journalism is to provide it isn’t with all the necessary information they have been looking forward to making the possible best decision in their community societies as well as their governments.

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