DETAILS: Who Is Social Activist Greta Thunberg? Meet Her Who Got Andrew Tate Arrested?

Andrew Tate is an internet personality who has been famous all over the internet for the misogynistic comments he passes online. While on the other hand, it can be said that the internet personality has been widely famous, it is evident that his arrest that happened recently is not a small thing. While on one hand his arrest is getting hyped up online, on the other hand, the person due to whom Tate got arrested and is now under custody is also getting hyped up as well. We are here talking about social activist Greta Thunberg who has been in the news as she was one way responsible for Tate’s arrest.


Andrew Tate got arrested this Friday the 30th of December 2022 and he was arrested in Romania. While the police of Romania was long searching for him since the April of this year, he was wanted by the police. Although the police failed when it came to his arrest as they were not sure about his location. Speaking about his arrest now, he is arrested in human trafficking and rape cases as well. While it was mentioned by the Romanian police that he forced six women to tape their sexual activities, and also to sell them online for a certain amount of money. Tate on the other hand was arrested and the police said he had a connection with two criminals from Romania.

Social Activist Greta Thunberg Got Andrew Tate Arrested

It was mentioned by the Romanian police that They were long searching for Tate but did not find any evidence of his location. While on the other hand they also added that Tate had several knives, guns, and other weapons in his house that he was hiding while police find him out during the investigation and rescued the six women as well. So a video of Tate getting arrested and getting escorted from his royal house in Romania went viral on social media. What exactly bought him under arrest and how did he get under the radar if he was not visible for months now? Well, here comes Greta Thunberg whom we can say partially was responsible for Tate’s arrest.

Greta Thunberg: Wikipedia & Bio

Greta is a social activist and she posts tweets one way or the other. While she is holding a campaign where she is talking about air pollution and stuff. Tate sent a Tweet to Greta saying that he will send his luxurious cars like Bugatti and so on to Greta while he also talked about the money he had. On the other hand, Great did not keep quiet about this act of shame online and she responded to Tate saying that he can reply to certain mail and this way she mocked him by calling a small D***. While netizens were praising Greta for her action and how she called him such a word bravely, Tate responded with yet another Tweet and here police got his location.


In the response to Great, Tate posted a video of him smoking a cigar, and a pizza box was seen in front of him while police tackled the pizza box and found out that he is in Romania and this way arrested him. Speaking about Great though, She is a young Swedish activist who was organizing a campaign, and she is widely known for her work as s social worker. Her one tweet or reply helped the police as in rage Tate replied with a small mistake and is now caught. While it is been said that he will remain under custody until the police will interrogate him.

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