ANDREW TATE ARRESTED: Why He Was Arrested? Reason Explained, All Charges & Allegations!

Controversy king who is most commonly known for passing misogynistic comments on women, Andrew Tate is now arrested in Romania. As per the reports, the king influencer was arrested as it was mentioned that he was involved in human trafficking. Another report claimed that he was also taken down for rape, and forming an organized crime group in Romania. While he was arrested a video of Tate along with his brother getting arrested was widely circulated online. It can be seen that there are certain aspects in this case, while Romanian police had Tate in custody and revelations are being made. Stay tuned as we covered details about this case.

Who Is Andrew Tate?

Tate who has been banned from a number of social media platforms as he passed on certain misogynistic comments is also a former Tv star and a kickboxer as well. He was arrested this week alongside his brother. AS per the reports eh will be detained for 24 hours alongside anti-organized crime unit are investigating this case. Tate getting arrested, alongside his brother was taped and this video is getting circulated all over social media while it can be seen in the video that Tate was seen taken away from his luxurious villa in Bucharest, The brothers or Tate brothers were getting investigated under criminal investigation since April of this year.


Why Was Andrew Tate Arrested?

A spokesperson or a lawyer or the Tate brothers added that the two brothers, Andrew and Tristan have been corporative with the officers who are interrogating while they are respectfully assisting Romanian authorities. AS per the statements from various authorities. Tate was arrested in crime of sexually assaulting six women, and exploiting them in an organized criminal group act while they were forcefully taping the women in performing sexual activates and asking them to sell the tape for a certain amount of money online. There are four major suspects in this case, including two Tate brothers and two other Criminals from Romania.

Andrew Tate Arrested Reason

Speaking about how Tate got arrested in Romania while police were searching for him all across the globe, then a mere Tweet of him got him in trouble. Tate was responding or more precisely having a debate with Greta Thunberg online where he bribed Greta about the money and all the luxurious cars he had. While on the other hand, Greta being a woman getting annoyed by the Tweet that was unplanned replied to Tate by cussing. In reply to great again, Tate posted a video of himself in which he was seen smoking a Cigar and he was also having a Pizza box before him on the table from which Romanian police cracked his address, as the pizza box had certain addresses from Romania.


Tate, on the other hand, has been misogynistic all his life, while he demands women to be inside their house, not to drive not to get out while he also wants women to be pleasing men. These comments got him under arrest as well. While earlier as well he was expelled and banned from social media this does not stop him, as his followers spread his words online even if he is not on any social media platforms. While he can be seen spreading his own words and asking men to follow up in his ideologies of being misogynistic and being over dramatic and rude with women.

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