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Some fans are only just discovering Madelyn Cline’s set and role in Stranger Things, thanks to her massive success in Glass Onion.

The sequel to 2019’s hit Knockout returns with a cast that includes fan favorite Daniel Craig and newcomers Edward Norton, Kate Hudson, Katherine Hahn and Dave Bautista.

Madelyn Cline is a social media influencer with a Tik Tok account, uploads content material materials with quite a lot of humor, enjoyment, and pleasing, and has better than 240 thousand followers.


She has a second Instagram account where she posts photographs and thoughts that are distinct from the first, as well as some black comedy and snippets from other works.

Madelyn Cline Trending video

Madeleine was also a part of Stranger Things, she played Tina in season 2 and appeared in 2 episodes where she was introduced as a teen.

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