Influencer Paul Breach Noodles Viral Video On Reddit And Twitter Link, Who Is Paulbreachsnsix?

There are many people on the internet that get famous through their unique content online while they put forward their best content and get through a phase that they struggle with and then get famous. Others might not go through the struggle part and get famous by chance. While on the other hand apart from becoming famous through your work, or your luck, there is also another way to get famous and it is getting hatred. Yes, there are such people who get famous because many people find them annoying. One such person who got famous because people hated him is Paul Breach who is a TikTok influencer and is also famous on other social media platforms as well.


Paul is one influencer online on TikTok who used to post cringy content online and due to this, he got famous on various social media platforms. Paul’s content created heat online and he was also expelled from many social media platforms for his behaviour. While Paul gets hatred online, he has no impact on himself because of the hate that he gets online, instead, he uses his negative limelight to get followers online. Paul uses this fame to get views and this works for him, while he got famous in 2021 for his cringe videos and the mocking videos of him, he is again in the limelight after he started posting videos on demand.

Paul Breach Noodles Viral Video

Paul is a 42 years old man who is famous on the TikTok platform for his content and he clearly uses this platform to gain views and upload crazy videos. The Id or the user name of Paul on TikTok is beautybeyondthe_eye and he uses his platform to gain views and people’s attention. Openly this content creator harasses people and women as well, due to which he is getting hatred. Though many people hate him for the things that he says online, there are many people who still like his videos and follow him as well. He not only creates abusive videos for women, but also creates shady, and disturbing content.

Paulbreachsnsix Viral Video

Earlier in 2021, he posted a video online where he talked rubbish things about the football player named Jack Grealish this video got removed from the platforms as it was reported multiple items and people started to get offended. While this video of Paul got over 370,000 views and he was seen singing Jack Grealish’s song in it. While this year as well he is seen getting viral for his content as he posted yet another video in which he is seen talking rubbish but thankfully he is not mocking someone else. Green Green grass is his new video in which he is seen dancing to the song and talking offensive things. While this video got him over a million views.


Now people are signing a petition in which they wrote that Paul should be banned from TikTok as he is offensive and many people have signed this petition until now, online. While many people are getting offended by the user on TikTok, others are his fans. Many people are paying him to create a specialized video online where they give Paul over 4 dollars to get specialized messages from him and they thanked him for his videos. Paul on the other hand is happy and he is creating videos for his followers. Maybe this is the reason why despite creating awful, disgusting, and offensive videos online Paul is not getting banned as he has many followers.

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