Lana Rose video – Lana Rose Twitter Trending Video

This Trending video uploaded first on Twitter and than its rapidly spread on others social media accounts.The video of a Lana Rose caught the attention of many online users.

Lana Rose Twitter Trending video make a storm on social media platforms specially on Twitter.The trending video of Lana Rose became a trendy topic on social media platforms.

Lana Rose Wikipedia Biography

Lana Rose was born on September 21, 1989 (30 years old as of 2019) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates to Nadereh Samimi & Esmail Beiraghdary.


Lana Rose is a famous YouTuber who is known for her makeup, lifestyle, music & supercar videos which she posts on her channel.

Currently, she has over 1.4 Million subscribers on her YouTube channel & 1.3 Million followers on her Instagram.

Lana Rose Twitter Trending Video

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Lana Rose video went trending on social media and became the debated topic all over the world.This beautiful woman’s face has also become the spotlight of social media.

The trending video of Lana Rose seems to have indecent actions. Lana recorded the action using the camera.In the video we can see a woman with short hair and a mask making a live broadcast.


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