Katie Sigmond slideshow leaked onlyf on reddit and twitter

Sigmund eventually deleted the video of the Oct. 26 encounter, but their actions drew widespread attention on social media after the National Park Service (NPS) shared their original video on its Reddit page.

A message later posted on the Grand Canyon National Park’s Facebook page began: “We really need to say, ‘Don’t play golf at the Grand Canyon?’ Identify a TikTok influencer who, among other things, streams She teed off herself.

Who is Katie Sigmund?

Katie Sigmond is a 20-year-old internet celebrity. Sigmund is known for her TikTok videos. She has 54.2k YouTube subscribers and over 3 million Instagram followers.

She has a brother and a sister named Hayley Sigmund. She had a brief relationship with Jeremy Hutchins.

She describes herself as an athlete and has posted photos and videos of herself playing golf, working out and riding motorcycles.

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Before becoming a member of the club, she was a member of Not a Content House, the social house.

In her TikTok video “idk what this is,” she used Travis Scott and Kacy Hill’s song 90210, which became hugely popular.

Before her Grand Canyon mishap of crashing a golf ball into the Grand Canyon, the influencer frequently posted videos of herself golfing on social media.

The National Park Service website clearly warns of the dangers of throwing objects into the Grand Canyon: “Throwing objects over edges or moving off trails may injure hikers and wildlife below.”

Despite initial rejection, Sigmund has an OnlyF account and posts regularly on the site.

Talking about her September 2022 stint at OnlyFans, she said that while she does receive income from the site, she would prefer to focus on her YouTube career. “I want people to know my personality, not just my looks,” Sigmund noted on the moneybuyshappiness podcast.

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