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Scarlet Vas Wikipedia/ Biography

Scarlet Vas is an Australian actress born in Melbourne Victoria.Best known for her portrayal of the fierce, righteous police officer Mishti Sharma on the iconic soap “Neighbours”.

Scarlet’s first break was her guest role on ABC’s “The warriors” as Libby.Scarlet began acting at the age of 8 years old, where she studied at schools such as The National Theatre, NIDA, and TAFTA in Melbourne.

After finishing High school, to appease her parent’s wishes of her going to university, Scarlet went on to complete a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in Drama.

Scarlet landed the role of Libby in ABC’s hit TV series “The warriors” only one week after completing her degree, and then secured the series regular role of Mishti Sharma in Chanel 10Peachs “Neighbours” the following week.

Scarlet Vas Trending video and photos

The mortified policewoman is determined to hold her head high and move on with her life. That is, until she learns Dilhan has been released from jail.

“She’s trying to get everything back on track,” Scarlet, 22, tells TV WEEK.But the news Dilhan has been granted bail leaves the cop devastated.

“She just feels defeated,” Scarlet explains. “She’s very angry with the whole situation.”

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