Dugaan Rizky Aditya video Trending twitter – inisial r hard gummy – citra kirana terbaru

The Dugaan Rizky Aditya Twitter Full Video is trending on the internet with maximum shares and this Trending video on Twitter is also make a wave on internet.

People are curious to know about the do Dugaan Rizky Aditya Twitter video.The video is gaining a lot of attention among online users.

In our article we are sharing with you the complete details about the trending video of Dugaan Rizky Aditya.

Dugaan Rizky Aditya Wikipedia Biography

Rezky Adhitya Dradjatmoko (born 26 February 1985) is an Indonesian actor and model .Rezky started his career in acting by playing a role in the soap opera Adam & Hawa in 2004.

Then, in 2006, he got the role as Arifin in his first film, namely Falling in Love Again. Rezky completed his education at Al-Azhar Kemang Pratama High School.

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He continued his higher education at Bina Nusantara University majoring in industrial engineering.

Dugaan Rizky Aditya video on Twitter

The video shows a man suspected of being Rezky Aditya lying on a bed. He was wearing a white shirt and jeans that were open.

In the video, the man suspected of being Rezky Aditya shows his part to the camera and also shows a smiling face several times.

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The video was also linked to Hard Gumay’s prediction, which stated that there was artist R whose immoral videos were circulated to the public.

At that time, Hard Gumay said that the characteristics of R’s figure were television artists who were known to be pious and married.

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