Paulbreachwnsix photo | paulbreachwnsix twitter video

paulbreachwnsix_ is a Twitter account. It is trending for sharing photos of celebrities. But recently his account is suspended due to Twitter terms and conditions.

this is equally shit regardless of who is in the photo. what if it isn’t Paul? what if it’s just a random dude who’s now been exposed for no reason? Just seems so immoral to anyone.


Why is Paulbreachwnsix Twitter trending?

Paulbreachwnsix Twitter Video and pics

In this video, where the user is directly exposing his intimate thing without any content warnings, till now the reason is unclear why the user did not bother to do so. Commenters speculate that the user might be trying to gain popularity by posting such offensive content that is likely to go viral in a short period of time.


The behind-the-scenes video clearly demonstrates that what he did was deliberate, which caused the public to go nuts in the comments.

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