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There was a recent tweet from Paulbreachwnsix Twitter account, which perplexed fans as it was not even tagged with a sensitive content warning.

Despite the video appearing offensive, many users who follow Paulbreachwnsix Twitter account were shocked to see the personality post such unsavory content, leading the company’s official Twitter account to flag the video with a “Sensitive Content” warning. In case you’re unfamiliar, this means that anyone can watch the video on Twitter only after clicking past a warning badge notifying them that some users may find the video disturbing. Learn more about the controversy below.

Why Paulbreachwnsix Twitter trending?

In this video, where the user is directly exposing his intimate thing without any content warnings, till now the reason is unclear why the user did not bother to do so. Commenters speculate that the user might be trying to gain popularity by posting such offensive content that is likely to go viral in a short period of time. The behind-the-scenes video clearly demonstrates that what he did was deliberate, which caused the public to go nuts in the comments.

Triggering Paulbreachwnsix Twitter video:

However, tweets from Paulbreachwnsix Twitter may trigger users’ feelings of discomfort, shock, or disgust, according to the website’s community guidelines. The rules also prohibit dangerous stunts, which Paulbreachwnsix Twitter’s video may do. There is no content allowed on the platform that depicts an unethical attitude towards the public, according to its rules.

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