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Brandy Billy is an influencer online and she is a model on Only F as well who is going viral because she posted a video of herself online on TikTok. Though the video was clean and did not contain any explicit content the creator is getting viral because she explained a situation in this video and the video is getting viewed by millions as well. Brandy’s video contains the message that she wanted to give to her followers on what to do and what not to do on their special wedding day so that their special day does not get spoiled. Stay tuned as we covered details about Brandy and also about the video of her that went viral.


Brandy is a model on Only F and she is a creator on Only f as well while she is a model, many people adore her and also got to follow her as well. While Brandy is on TikTok she posted a video of her online on TikTok where she talked about her marriage experience. She explains when she got married she faced things that she did not do earlier. Bandy explained that she did not face any problems after her marriage but during her marriage as her wedding day was spoiled by someone whom she trusted, although they found them out and things are sorted still the memories will remain with them forever.

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Brandy explained about her wedding day in a video that got her 6 million views. So what did she exactly do when she got so many views? Actually, the woman explained in her video how she and her groom went for a drink on the day of their wedding and though they had a very minimum amount of drink still they were super drunk. The video got over 500,000 likes and the video in itself is a lesson for many people who are now going to get married. Brandy explained how a drink ruined almost all of her wedding but somehow they managed to make their day and take vows. Brandy explained that someone put Adderall in tehri drinks.

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Brandy explained in the video that she and her husband before they took vows and got married in order to celebrate had one drink each and that got them very drunk. Although brandy took a little sip it got her drunk and her husband had the whole and that is why he was unable to stand up. She explained that they were about to cry and delay their wedding but somehow they managed to take vows. She posted a video in which her husband looked super drunk and was not able to stand on his feet. She explained that someone put extra drugs in their drinks so that they remain drunk with a small amount of drink, and this got mins blown.


Brandy in the video added that she helped her husband by taking vows and also getting the drink out and somehow they married each other. She also mentions that’s eh knew who did it, and they managed the conversation with her. The person did it to enjoy the wedding but it got them in the wrong situation. Later her husband was also tested for drugs due to the substance intake that he took unknowingly that he and Brandy had in their drinks. This can cause hallucinations, vomits, fainting, confusion, trouble breathing and seizures as well.

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