What Was Ahmed Aslam Ali Cause Of Death? Chicken Tikka Masala Inventor Dead At 77, Family Mourns On News!

Ahmed Aslam Ali, the inventor of chicken tikka masala has now passed away at the age of 77. His family members were the ones who announced the news online on social media and through media as well. As per the reports he was 77 and his demise news was reported on Wednesday. Chicken Tikka Masala is the national dish of Britain and

Is also one of the most preferred dishes and most requested dishes from all over the world which is loved by many people. The dish was invented by Ali and it became quite famous all over the world. Stay tuned as we covered details about Alia and also about his life and demise as well. Ahmad Aslam Ali was a chef from Glasglow who passed away recently and his demise was spread all over the internet.

He was a culinary artiste who owned a restaurant called Shish Mahal which was opened in 1964 in Glasglow’s west. As soon as the demise news was released, the Shish Mahal restaurant was closed down during this period. Aslam invented the world-famous and popular dish Chicken Tikka masala back in the 1970s and his dish in no time became famous and gained worldwide attention as well.

Who Was Ahmed Aslam Ali?

This dish gained him fame and also wider attention from all over the world. Aslam was called the inventor of Chicken Tikka masala. Aslam was born in Pakistan but soon he moved to the UK in Glasglow along with his family while he was still a young boy. Aslam later set up a whole restaurant in Glasglow that was quite famous during the 1970s and is still preferred as a classic restaurant as well.

Aslam was a married man and he also has five children, but much information about his wife is not known. To respect the inventor of Chicken Tikka Masala and also to honor him, shish mahal which is his restaurant was closed down for 48 hours and the funeral of Aslam took place at the Glasglow central mosque. The cause of death was not revealed by any of the sources or reports.

Ahmed Aslam Ali: Wikipedia, Biography & Age

During the time when Aslam was interviewed for his dish Chicken Tikka masala, Aslam added that once a customer in his restaurant was asking him to provide him with Chicken tikka which was less dry and had more sauce to it, and this was the invention of Chicken Tikka Masala. Aslam explained during his interview that his customer wanted Chicken tikka with more gravy

He added tomato paste and sauce to it this was the invention of chicken Tikka Masala that took place during the 1970s in his restaurant with spices, yogurt, and cream. He mentioned that as his customers do not prefer more spices in their dishes, he added more cream and yogurt. Mohammad Sarwar who is the former MP of Labour in 2009 from Glasglow said during that time that Glassglow should be

Ahmed Aslam Ali: Funeral Updates & Obituary

Recognized as the home for Chicken Tikka masala and the origin status should be given to the EU. Though there are many alternatives to this dish there won’t be any replicate for the Chicken Tikka Masala and this is one of the most preferred and also demanded dishes even to this day. Many people posted their condolence and also their concerns online for the family members of Aslam Ali.

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