The n@k3d truth on the Hunter Biden laptop coverup

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Numerous phrases and quotations that have influenced how the general public views political scandals can be attributed to Watergate and the downfall of Richard Nixon. Follow the money, Deep Throat, a “modified restricted hangout,” and Hush Money are all available.

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To fully understand the FBI’s nefarious role in preventing The Post from publishing its initial investigation into Hunter Biden’s laptop, however, two additional Watergate terms must be understood.

The first is, “What and when did the president know it?”

Sen. Howard Baker questioned White House attorney John Dean in a 1973 Watergate hearing concerning the president’s knowledge. In essence, the question was whether Nixon was aware of the scheme to burglarize the Democratic Party’s offices, or the so-called “third-rate burglary.”

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The question initially seems unrelated to the FBI’s use of Twitter and other social media sites to restrict stories on the corruption of the Biden family. After all, Donald Trump was elected president in the fall of 2020.

But it is precisely the point and a crucial component that distinguishes the developing controversy. It demonstrates how the FBI, the top law enforcement organisation in the country, is secretly attempting to remove the current president of the United States and replace him with Joe

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