SUSPECT: Who Is Jessica Trefethen? Maine Mom Sentenced For Killing Toddler 3 Years Old Son!

Welcome back everybody and really disheartening and astonishing story is trending on the Internet regarding a Stockton Springs woman who was sentenced to death for the murder of her toddler son. Jessica Williams a.k.a. Trefethen is going to spend 47 years in prison for this surprising story and it all started in October,

Where she was found guilty of the murder of her own son Maddox Williams. We would like to express our deepest apologies to the family of the innocent child and may his soul rest in peace. The complete footage of the hearing is available on the Internet you can check it out where she was considered guilty and it is really shameful and disappointing. The real reason behind this crime is still unknown


And people are not able to figure out what could have been the motivation or if she is mentally ill. Everybody was preparing themselves to spend Christmas happily and now she is going to spend her whole life in prison. Family members also claimed her and there were many times. When she was not listening and everybody was just speaking lesser they just called her a monster. She was a very calm

And the optimistic person at first glansa butter committed this unholy crime in a June 2021 last year and he died as a result of falling on a Trampoline and then on the rocks. He was brutally crushed and medical personnel was not able to save his life. When he is examination result came in he had a fracture is fine and he was bleeding profusely in his brain area. She is obviously an

Emotionless lady and she never cared about human feelings and emotions. She was not even crying or expressing any kind of guilt. He would have turned 5 years old the next month and now he is in heaven. She was immediately apprehended and an investigation was initiated. But the family members did not stop and they are also accusing the department of Health and human services along with the office of child family services of placing Maddox in the care of his mother.


She is definitely a really cruel person and everybody is now believed that justice has been delivered and she will be spending her life in prison. He was a very beautiful funny little boy. He was observed in this colorful Universe with his eyes and he was certainly living the best life. It is a very complicated case in Dedh and there is a dire need for amendments in these cases. We will be back within sometimes till then stay tuned with our website.

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