She, Meagan Starke, used to be a pretzel store worker and now her ‘voluptuous’ curves makes her $99,000 a month

 A poverty-stricken pretzel store employee says she’s raking in a whopping $99,000 a month after quitting her low-wage job and joining OnlyFans.

Meagan Starke, 31, claims she was pulling 60 hours a week at the pretzel shop but was still struggling to feed her son, 12, and daughter, 11.

“I survived paycheck to paycheck with food stamps to help us get by,” Starke told “After a whole day at my day job, I would even take on night shifts as a waitress in a strip club, but then I lost that job, and money became very tight.”

The high school dropout says she reached rock bottom in April 2020 and turned to OnlyFans to see if she could make additional income.


“I was shy, but I got so many compliments about my curvy figure, it encouraged me,” Starke revealed. “I’d always had a big, voluptuous butt and got a lot of comments about it before OnlyFans, so I thought, why not use it to make some money on the side?”

Starke was stunned when she quickly accumulated hundreds of subscribers — and her bank balance boomed.

The curvy beauty claims she pocketed a cool $20,000 after her first month on the site, emboldening her to quit her job at the pretzel store to start creating content full time.

Now she says she’s rolling in dough, earning as much as $99,000 a month. She’s even learned to love stripping on-camera.

“None of my family members — my children, my mom, or my sister — ever have to worry about their bills again,” she proudly declared, adding that she had even bought her grateful grandmother a new set of teeth.

With more cash than she can count, the mom of two is building a five-bedroom mansion and planning a lavish summer trip to Europe. 

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