Idaho Murder leaked video: New Clue About ‘Adam’ in Murder Case Of 4 Idaho College Students

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In relation to the murders of four college students in Idaho, a fascinating new lead has emerged. Just hours before they were killed, two of the victims were allegedly seen on tape talking about a man named “Adam.”

A screen grab and audio from the unsettling surveillance video were made public on Saturday by Fox News Digital after it was received via a Facebook group of amateur investigators. It appears to depict Maddie Mogen and Kaylee Goncalves strolling through the streets of Moscow, Idaho beside an enigmatic man.

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Fox News Digital watched the video but is only using still images to preserve the anonymity of the source.

The women are dressed in the identical outfits they appeared in a prior video wearing at a food truck in the hours preceding the murders on November 13 wearing. The individual appears to be wearing similar clothing to a person shown in the food truck video who was eventually exonerated by police as a suspect in the killings.

What did you say to Adam, Maddie?, a voice rumoured to be Goncalves, says in the latest video. I told Adam everything, the second woman replies.

Students at University of Idaho

Adam’s identity and whether or not police have questioned him and have treated him as a suspect are unknown. However, the Facebook group dedicated to cracking the perplexing homicide case claims they sent.

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