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TikTok is covered in the horrible “No Mercy in Mexico” trend, and the viral video is getting a lot of views. This brutal and horrifying video of a father and son being slain is causing a stir on the internet. In addition to being gut-wrenchingly explicit, this heartbreaking film shows a heinous crime being committed.

The frightening “No Mercy in Mexico” trend has sparked a surge of films that other internet users are sharing under the same trend, some of which show a woman being brutally struck with an item. Distributing any of these videos is highly discouraged because they are all so upsetting

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According to the horrifying video, a father and child are being ruthlessly killed in Mexico. The boy lies on the ground and weeps as he observes his father’s awful death while a group of people hit the father and attacked him with knives and other sharp objects.

The people seen in the terrible video striking the father and boy are allegedly members of a police gang. The father is clearly in terrible discomfort.

No Mercy In Mexico complete video


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