Stephanie Bissonnette dead and obituary, class focuses on style and musicality – cause of death

Stephanie’s classes focus on style and musicality within the spectrum of contemporary musical theater. The class focuses on finding your inner sweet spot while maintaining the integrity and precision of movement. The warm up will be based on jazz, with some hip hop thrown in. Stephanie’s classes combine the worlds of jazz funk and theater. These combinations will be intricate and will challenge dancers to execute and perform with confidence, but it’s all about having fun and getting some exercise!


Stephanie Bissonnette currently plays Dawn Schweitzer in Mean Girls on Broadway. Other productions include The Muny, Riverside Theatre, Shakespeare Theater Company and Seven Angels Theatre. She also appeared in music videos for Keith Urban’s Never Comin’ Down, among others. Stephanie is a graduate of Point Park University’s School of Performing Arts with a BA in Dance Performance. She also toured the world while performing at Royal Caribbean. For the past five years, Stephanie has been teaching and choreographing in and around New York City. A proud graduate of the 2010 BDC Professional Semester, Stephanie considers BDC her home away from home in New York.

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