Rachel Kaitlyn dead and obituary, Whats happened – cause of death

Vinos, it’s finally time for our long-awaited interview with former Bachelorette Rachel Recchia, and we can guarantee it won’t disappoint you and your pierced ears. Rachel sat down with Kaitlyn and adorable co-host Lo VonRumpf to cover their whirlwind season and press conference. It’s definitely not been an easy journey, but Rachel is hopeful as she discusses what’s next in her dating life and career. She publicly answered all the tough questions KB asked. Does she want to meet two bachelors? Is there a “Raven” (get it…like Rachel & Aven)? What happened to Tino behind the scenes? What happened in the fantasy suite? Who else in the franchise piqued your interest? They end with a hilarious dating confession and a very revealing game of what-ifs that could lead to a love match between Rachel and Lo.

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