Watch Sofia Baddie Dog video by AdalynGonzalez4 Twitter – “Sofia The baddie” Dog full video from Reddit explained

Sofia the Baddie dog video from AdalynGonzalez4 Twitter Reddit Trending on TikTok and Twitter and everybody is surprised to see what happens in the video. We will explain what is Sofia the Baddie dog video and where can you watch it.

“Sofia the Baddie” is a TikTok user who shared her video while playing with her dog. Although she has only three thousand followers on TikTok, her dog video went viral like wildfire and now everyone s talking about the viral video.

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Send it to me pls!!!

— Mariah Alderete (@MariahAlderete4) September 3, 2022

Sofia the Baddie dog video

It is reported that Sofia the Baddie Dog video has a part two as well and it has been posted on Reddit.

Sofia the Baddie dog video shows a girl playing with her dog.

Reacting to the, a Twitter user wrote:

“y’all down bad and late of to this Sofia the baddie video 💀💀💀 video gets yanked by Twitter if posted, ask for a dm to see it. it’s a girl playing a dog man 😭”

“according to my TikTok sources, Sofia the baddie has a part two posted somewhere out there 😭😭 (because one wasn’t enough in,” he added.

A Twitter user “AdalynGonzalez4” posted Sofia The Baddie dog video on Twitter. But his account has been suspended now.

You need it? I just saw it 💀 what’s your snap?

— almightydaviidd (@almightydaviidd) August 9, 2022

Although, The AdalynGonzalez4 video has been deleted from Twitter but some users who have downloaded the video are now telling others that they can send them the video in Direct messages.

We are unable to upload the video in this article but it has been published on Reddit and we can give you the link to the full video.

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