Michelle Whitedove dead and obituary, world-class spiritual medium – cause of death

Michelle Whittove is a well-known psychic medium and channel. She teaches spiritual development courses, gives private counseling sessions and public lectures. She is currently the host of her own “Spiritual TV Talk Show” and uses her gifts to direct conversations from the spiritual world into the physical world. Michelle has appeared on PBS television and has given numerous radio interviews in the US and Europe.

Celebrity psychic Michelle Whittove is a world-class psychic medium who has been featured on television shows around the world. As a spiritual teacher and author, her goal is to educate humanity and share its gifts.


Join Whittove for an inspiring talk about heaven and the transition we call death.

It affirms that life is eternal and that our loved ones are fine on the other side. Michelle was gifted from a young age, she could always “see” angels and our departed loved ones.

News: In the last hour, Michelle will show off her skills and release random news to the audience. So be prepared with specific questions you want answered, or bring a photo of your loved one (living or deceased). Michelle is a spiritual medium, psychological life coach and futurist. Note that Michelle does not edit messages to her, so if you are ready to hear a direct message from Heaven, please just ask one question.

Spiritual medium Michelle Whitedorf is an expert in her field. She has been featured on ABC, CBS, FOX, PBS Television, and NPR Radio discussing the realities of authentic spiritual communication. After she showcased her supernatural abilities on television, Lifetime TV named her America’s No. 1 psychic. White Dove appeared in the HBO documentary “Nobody Dies in Lily of the Valley” and was interviewed by Matt Lauer on the Today Show. She serves as expert media on BRAVO TV’s Millionaire Matchmaker, helping hosts find information about deceased relatives. Whitedove starred in Eurovision’s Sixth Sense International, a famous TV show about world-renowned psychics and their special abilities. She solves a murder case as a clairvoyant on Japanese television.

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