Sobbing black student | video shows student, 20, being led

Sobbing black student is handcuffed and arrested in class at black college after rowing with professor who told her to rewrite an essay: Claims her arrest was racially motivated .

She could be seen in the video sobbing and complaining that the police were hurting her as they forced her arms behind her back.

In an Instagram Live video following the arrest, Hamoud said the arrest was over a dispute with her professor, Cynthia Villagomez, about her final paper.

Sobbing black student video

A shocking video posted online documents the moment a 20-year-old student was forced out of a classroom at a historically black college in handcuffs over an argument about an essay.

The video, posted to TikTok on Wednesday, shows officers handcuffing Leilla Hamoud at Winston-Salem State University following an apparent dispute between the student and her professor, Cynthia Villagomez.

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