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OnlyF, a subscription social platform, is looking to add new features and capabilities to its payments business in order to create added value for content creators. According to a report by publishing platform Workweek, OnlyF aims to improve the payout process and introduce new ways for creators to earn money from their content.

OnlyF, a subscription social platform, has been represented by top executives at notable fintech events in 2022. In June, they appeared at Money20/20 Europe in Amsterdam, and in October they were at the US edition of the event series in Las Vegas. At these events, the executives shared the company’s impressive growth metrics and aspirations for their payments business moving forward.


Keily Blair, the chief strategy and operations officer of OnlyF, said during an interview at Money20/20 Europe 2022 that the company has processed over $8 billion in payments to creators, highlighting the scale and volume of transactions that the company is now handling. This demonstrates the significant growth and success of OnlyF in the payments industry.

OnlyF CFO Lee Taylor shared the company’s vision of establishing a “truly international social media platform payment network” that is able to make payments as seamless as possible, regardless of the currencies involved. Taylor emphasized the need for the system to be user-friendly, allowing creators to easily view and withdraw their earnings. This would help OnlyF continue to grow and provide value for its users.

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