Who was Brad Miller? Maury County Deputy Killed In Crash

Who was Brad Miller? Maury County Deputy Killed In Crash: This is to inform you that a well-known traffic officer of Maury County passed away after suffering a road accident. Here we are talking about Brad Miller. Brad Miller was Maury County Deputy who was killed in a road tragedy. Reportedly, Brad Miller was pronounced dead on Monday evening. Since his death news broke out on the internet it is trending all over. People who knew Brad Miller and the people of Maury County are taking over the internet to learn what happened to Brad Miller or how did he die. There are a number of questions that are yet to be answered. Thus, you are asked to stick with this page and keep reading this article.

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Who was Brad Miller?

As per the source, Brad Miller was working on Highway 43 in Maury County near Williamsport Pike on Monday when Brad Miller was hit by a car. He was directing the traffic on the highway as per the statement given by the Maury County Sheriff’s Office. While driving or directing the traffic on the highway, Brad Miller was hit by a car. Initially, THP revealed that the collision caused severe injuries to the victims involving a deputy and later the Maury County Sheriff’s Office stated Brad Miller’s name after 6 pm on Monday evening. Scroll down the page.

A procession and escort were provided from the streets of Maury county into Nashville on I-65 as part of an effort by several agencies to pay tribute to Miller and the loss of the entire sheriff’s office. During the press conference held on Tuesday morning, Bucky Rowland of Maury County Sheriff’s Office said he would provide further details about the tragedy. The investigation is under process. More outcomes will be revealed soon. Drag down the page and read more details.

The neighbors of Brad Miller are in frenzy due to his tragic death. The Maury County Sheriff’s Office stated, “The tragic death of Reserve Deputy Brad Miller, who was working traffic on the 43 By-Pass near Williamsport Pike, saddens the Sheriff’s Department. Please remember the Deputy Miller family and the MCSD in your prayers at this trying time.” Stay tuned to this website for more information and more details.

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