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Lil Fizz video viral on social media like Twitter and Youtube. Lil Fizz video leaked on Twitter. In this article we are going to inform you that who is Lil Fizz? And why he is viral on social media.

Who is Lil Fizz?

American singer, record producer, songwriter, and television personality “Lil’ Fizz”. He was originally named Dreux Pierre Frederic at the time of birth. He is known for the ultimate singing sensation in different music genres. The guy garnered critical acclaim through his fabulous musical creations.

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Lil Fizz Music Career:

In 1998, Fizz joined the famous musical group ‘B2K’ and remained the important part of it until 2004. He was considered to be the rapper of this sensational group. After the group was scattered, he started his solo journey in the American entertainment industry. The guy never compromised over the quality of his songs or acting characters.

Lil Fizz Video:

Lil Fizz found himself trending on social media on Wednesday after an alleged video of himself masturbating was shared from his OnlyFans account. The video was captioned, “Lil Fizz Mushroom,” prompting many Twitter users to make jokes at Fizz’s expense, laughing at the shape of his penis. As you may have noticed this week, this sort of reaction isn’t anything farfetched from social media trolls. Nelly was also clowned for his size.

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