Watch Popeyes woman video jumped | Popeyes staff beats a women

Popeyes staff show their anger toward women and start beating women. Popeyes woman video jump is getting on social media platforms.

People are having fun by watching Poeyes women’s fight video. Popeyes female staff start beating a woman after a victim girl shows her anger to one of the female staff.

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Popeyes woman fight videoa

Popeyes woman video jumped – Explained:

Police were called to a Popeyes in Milwaukee after a fight broke out that was caught on video by a shocked customer. The employees who got into the fight were fired.

Rich Forte took the video on Wednesday night. It shows several workers yelling at each other before a woman jumps out from behind the counter and hits another worker. Within seconds, at least six workers’ arms get tangled up as they try to get away.

As they fight, the group moves through the restaurant, knocking over stools and chairs. Finally, someone says, “Hey, stop that s—-!” As the video ends, the workers stop fighting but keep yelling. Some of them are wearing jackets with their aprons sticking out from under them.

Watch Full Video Here 

In a statement, Popeyes said that the franchise owner had fired the employees involved in the fight and was looking into other ways to make sure it didn’t happen again.

The statement said, “This behavior is clearly not what we expect or what meets our standards.”

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