Watch Flumingss Video – Who is Flumingss On Twitter?

Hello guys, I hope you all are doing well, today’s trend name is Flumingss Video. It’s sad news and all of the users are feeling sorry for the incident. Stay tuned with us because I will tell you about Flumingss on Twitter and also provide you with a link to watch the Flumingss video.

Watch Full Video Here 

The Flumingss page is getting viral after he has posted an NSFW video. That is getting viral on Google and other social media platform. And many netizens are still searching for the purported video.

Who is Flumingss on Twitter?

@Flumingss Twitter page was created in November 2021. He has only 15 Tweets until now. This page has 484 followers and he is following 18 accounts yet.

Today on the 28 of March Flumingss has shared an NSFW and sad video in which 2 girls are playing with a gun.

Flumingss Video: 12-year-old Paris Harvey fatally shooting 14 yr old cousin  Kuaron on Instagram Live - TheRecentTimes

One of the girls took the gun from the other girl and then put it on her own head as fun but suddenly she pressed the trigger and got a bullet in her head.

Watch Full Video Here 

The video was shared with the caption,

Don’t play with guns

The video has shocked all of the visitors and it really makes them sad. Parents must take care of such things.

His record title is,


His record description is,


Watch Flumingss Video:

You must be curious to know what happened in the video. Because of the content graphics, i am unable to upload it here. But you can watch Flumingss Video by following this link. (Warning NSFW content)

Even then we will not recommend you to watch such content. Maybe it will be inappropriate for some viewers who have WEAK hearts.


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