Otto kranni facebook video on twitter and reddit, Pimura oy otto leaked

A video of a man throwing garden furniture, tables and chairs from his boat into the sea has gone viral on social media, while others filmed the prank on their mobile phones. According to Ilta-Sanomi, the tipper was the CEO of a construction company operating in Pirkanmaa.

Tallink Silja’s communications director, Marika Nöjd, confirmed that the video was filmed in the executive suite of the M/S Baltic Princess over the weekend of a week ago.

The perpetrator was caught and had to replace the furniture on the spot. Later, they received a back ticket and it became clear what they had dumped there, Nöjd said.

Watch Full Video Here 

In the video, others film with their mobile phones, as another person throws an empty beer can from a balcony before throwing a table and chairs into the sea. Meanwhile, the men drink beer and swear. The song Selvä päivä by Petri Nygård plays in the background. Nygård himself shared the video on his Facebook account.

– We may consider other actions, for example, if they are no longer welcome on board. We take property damage to the boat and personal property seriously. In fact, that was inappropriate behavior, Nöjd said.

EXECUTIVE-SUITE is a suite with a balcony, located aft. It was the most expensive cabin on the Swedish ship. Similar videos have surfaced over the years, the communications director said.

— but we haven’t seen anyone throw out such a large amount. Maybe throw a chair or a shopping cart. I can’t tell what the background is. Is this just a silly whim? Nojd pondered.

Commenters on social media strongly disapproved of the man’s actions in the video.

– The good thing here is that they documented his furtive work, wrote one, referring to the video recording.

-> Another suggested that later they could go to the Baltic to collect those chairs, because it would be fun to throw them there.

Watch Full Video Here 

– and a third joked that it might be because the small cruise ships the company still publicly praises on Instagram have gotten expensive.

Tallink Communications Director Silja is at a loss for words to describe the action shown in the video.

– Really stupid behaviour. Of course, you can’t throw anything from a boat into the sea. I hope no one gets an idea of this. Yes, usually this kind of thing is noticeable pretty quickly. You may have to pay compensation, and there will be follow-up measures later: fines, etc. Depending on the circumstances, whether to proceed with the matter.

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