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Markiplier Onlyfans Leak Video finally kept his word and made an account on Onlyfans.


Markiplier, who is famous on YouTube. He is now an official Onlyfans creator. He is now a member of onlyfans because he kept his promise to his fans.

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Markiplier is now an official OnlyFans creator.
After teasing for more than a month, the YouTuber joined the NSFW site.

The brave YouTuber came up with the idea after his Tasteful N#des 2018 calendar did well and is now being sold on eBay for an eye-popping $590 (£483).


We can’t tell if Markiplier is happy to be the first person to make a video for OnlyFans or not.

On the one hand, he is a generous person who gives all of his money to charity. His supporters have helped him reach huge milestones by breaking his rules.

“Tomorrow,” he teased on Twitter, but he didn’t say when it would be out.

At the time of this writing, his OnlyFans profile is live and has a long bio instead of the usual flirty messages you see there.

Read the whole message out loud in his deep voice.

“I’m sure you’re reading this because you just happened to stumble through OnlyFans while covering your eyes in horror and end up on my humble page.

And because of that, I am proud of you or embarrassed by you.

“Remember that this is real and that I am me. Just read this in my voice, but make sure to give my voice in your head a posh, condescending tone, and you’ll know it’s true. Anyway, I’ve read enough.

His profile has checked, so you won’t get catfished. Since it’s free to sign up, we think that custom content will cost money.

Watch Full Video Here 


The 34 million people who follow Markiplier on YouTube were given three missions:

To get his podcast Distractible to the top of the charts on Apple and Spotify
Go!, was his second podcast. My favourite sports team had also reached the top of the charts.

Markiplier Onlyfans Leak Video

To spend $12 on tickets to see his new documentary, Markiplier From North Korea. Based on his mother’s life story, it shows his journeys to get back in touch with his family.
After only three days, fans met the first two conditions, so the YouTuber added the third one as a joke.

There was no goal for how many people would watch the emotional documentary, but a lot of people did, calling it “beautifully made” and “touching.”

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