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Nutritionist Lara Nesteruk will release a video this Wednesday at 1pm about a post she made in March in which she objected to hiring women trying to conceive. Lara has 863,000 followers on Instagram.

Lara Nesteruk Wikipedia Biography

Lara was born in São José do Rio Preto, a municipality in the state of São Paulo. She even completed her graduation in nutrition there, at the University Center of Rio Preto.

In addition to being a nutritionist, she is successful in Brazil due to her controversial posts on Instagram.

Lara Nesteruk Trending twitter video

In this Lara Nesteruk Trending video Lara Nesteruk said that “I spoke about the fact that I was upset during my presentation. Well-wishers took this statement to the MPT and they launched an investigation. Here I’ve decided to go the easiest way: I apologize for every problem they see It’s all over. There is no cost to retracting myself” .

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Lara Nesteruk Trending video was Firstly uploaded on Twitter and then Other social media platforms. Lara Nesteruk video Goes Trending On Twitter And other social media platforms Peopls are curious about Lara Nesteruk Twitter trending Video.

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