Gavin Graybill dead and Obituary, In High Poin car accident

Gavin Graybill Obituary, Death – Gavin Graybill of High Point, North Carolina tragically died in a car accident. He was the son of the late Albert Graybill and Elsie (Shenk) Graybill, who both died in Lancaster at the same time. He was named after his late parents. When they died, both his parents called Lancaster from the home where they had lived for many years. The man’s name was the same as his father’s. There you’ll find the house where he was born.

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At his death he was by his wife Kathy (Degenhardt) Graybill, who had been married for over 46 years. He also left two children. He is survived by his wife, who changed her name to Kathy (Degenhart) Graybill after his death. He was a member of various groups, including the Pennsylvania Artists Blacksmiths Guild, also known as the Pennsylvania Artists Blacksmiths Guild. Nicholas’s wife, Jean Schoenberg, and Lexa Graybill, of Willow Street, are Gavin’s surviving children.

Gavin is survived by his two sons, Joshua Graybill (married to Nicole) and Bobby Graybill, and his two daughters, Jen Schoenberger and Lakeesha Graybill. Jen Schoenberger and Lakeesha Graybill are Gavin’s grandchildren. Each of Gavin’s children call Lancaster their permanent home. His five grandchildren, Kaitlyn, Erik, Emma, ​​Gavin and Elsie, and his brother John Graybill, husband of Mountville resident Wendy Graybill, are among the survivors. Among the survivors was Wendy’s husband, John Graybill. Plus, John Graybill and Wendy Graybill tied the knot. His five great-grandchildren are also adults.

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