Kirsty Buchan leaked onlyfans on reddit and twitter, Scots teacher resigns after explicit

A physics teacher has quit after pornographic images of her appeared online. Kirsty Buchan, 33, has left her position at Baillieston Bannerman High School in Glasgow after explicit images from her page Only F circulated among students. It sparked a series of angry complaints from parents to Glasgow City Council’s education leaders, leading to an investigation. The teacher resigned before the school began disciplinary proceedings, which was in the news this week as teachers went on strike over student abuse.

A parent with contact records said: “The strike made the national news but all the local talk was about Miss Buchan’s other job. The pictures went viral and the parents discussed it via Whatsapp.

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“Her poses for OnlyF were suggestive and left no room for the imagination. Some parents thought it was funny, but others complained that the poses were too extreme.”

Ms. Buchan had a previous career in acting, taking on small roles and promoting herself on acting websites.

The source said: “She’s the last person to be a science teacher, but she’s clearly very bright and has a penchant for amateur drama. She’s told people she wants to supplement her teaching salary with a side hustle, but she knows there’s always a risk of being fired. is very high.

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“We don’t know if she was going to step down from the start, but the OnlyF page wasn’t live long, and when she was going to do something, she closed it. She also deleted her Twitter profile.”

On the StarNow website, where aspiring actors post their positions, Miss Buchan left a profile saying: “I’m currently a physics teacher and I’m looking for extra work on weekends and evenings.

“I have experience in multiple industries, I have worked in promotions, F&B, retail, I have also done some extra work on low budget internet series.

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