Greenbrier mall shooting in Chesapeake today, active shooter news now

Live video from the scene shows people are still on lockdown throughout the Greenbrier Mall in Chesapeake, Virginia due to an active shooter. The shooter was in the food court and “at least” 9 shots were heard.

It was just a few weeks ago that Walmart in Chesapeake, VA had a shooting, now there is one down the road from it at the Greenbrier Mall. They are in lockdown. When will it stop? What will it take to get meaningful gun reform?

Nick Egelanian, president of SiteWorks Retail Real Estate Services, which advises retailers, developers, building owners and communities on targeted retail and mixed-use developments, said our region is going through “the late stages of mall closures.”

“This will end naturally over the next few years,” Egrannian said. “Somewhere between the first and the second, it survives. There’s nothing else to do, of course.”

Egelanian came to this conclusion for several reasons.

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First, the number of online shopping sales continued to grow. Online sales accounted for nearly 15 percent of total retail sales in the third quarter of 2022, according to estimates from the U.S. Department of Commerce. According to Egelanian, that’s more than the 11.5 percent the directory was at its peak.

While the rise of online shopping has certainly challenged the bricks-and-mortar model, it is the popularity of building retail space that has really attracted malls, he said. It has been growing faster than its population for years, Egelanian said.

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