Watch Sashimi Poker nipslip Trending video at Hustler Casino Live

Sashimi Poker video is circulating everywhere on social media specially on Twitter.Online users wanted to get more and more details about the trending video.

Our second update is also on the Trending video, which has gotten a lot of attention since its release and is currently getting people interested. They are interested in the video for the simple reason that it contains material.

Sashimi Poker Trending video

A controversial poker tournament that was recently embroiled in a cheating is making headlines again after a player appeared to have multiple wardrobe malfunctions during a game.

Hustler Casino Live was rocked by a cheating in October when a player accused another competitor of wearing a vibrating device help them win $269,000 – and has now found itself at the centre of some unwanted attention once again.

Sashimi Poker Twitter Trending Video

The popular poker player and YouTuber known only as Sashimi was competing in a live stream event this week called ‘Max Pain Monday’ when the nip-slip happened – but it turned out she was wearing a body suit and the that went on display were fake.

However, viewers of the game thought the exposure was real, and commentator Kyle Ravreby certainly seemed uncomfortable with the situation.

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