Colombian Football Player who was killed after he scored an own goal in the 1994 World Cup

Andrés Escobar was murdered ten days after scoring an own goal that ended Colombia’s World Cup hopes.

After Andrés Escobar was killed outside that nightclub, his murder was met with outrage throughout the country and the world.

It is estimated nearly 120,000 people attended Andrés Escobars’ funeral on July 3, 1994. The anniversary of his death is still marked at matches in Colombia each year.

Andrés Escobar was not related to Pablo EscobarAndrés Escobar was a Colombian soccer player that was assassinated after he scored an ‘own goal’ that caused the Colombian team to lose to the team from the United States.

Andres Escobar was a Colombian international footballer. He played in the 1994 World Cup in the USA, but an own goal cost him his life. 

In the game against hosts USA, Escobar turned a cross by John Harkes into his own net and that eliminated Colombia from the tournament.

There was lots of anger back in South America and the players were warned not to return home. Escobar decided to go in any case and he lost his life.

An argument between Andrés and three men that approached him ensued and the footballer was ultimately shot six times before being rushed to hospital where he was soon pronounced dead.

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