Who was Nikolai Mushegian and how did he die?

Who was Nikolai Mushegian and how did he die?: It has been more than a month since cryptocurrency millionaire Nikolai Mushegian passed away but the tweet he posted before his death is sparking controversies and resurfacing again and again. Meanwhile, many people have been curious to learn about it. Netizens are searching for Nikolai Mushegian’s last tweet. Do you know what did Nikolai Mushegian write before dying? According to the reports, the cryptocurrency millionaire died on October 28, 2022. You might be getting curious to learn how did Nikolai Mushegian die. If yes, stick with this page and follow this article till the end. Kindly drag down the page and read the further sections of this article.


Who was Nikolai Mushegian?

As per the source, Nikolai Mushegian died on October 28 after drawing on a Puerto Rico Beach. Yes, the cryptocurrency millionaire passed away on a Puerto Rico beach after drowning. But it is very strange that he blamed Mossad and the CIA for killing in the tweet that he posted before dying. This is the reason his last tweet is sparking a number of questions. What happened that day when Nikolai Mushegian was found dead? Read this information in the following section. Scroll down the page.

According to the reports, the millionaire left his six million dollars worth of beach house on that day located in the luxury Condado area of San Juan. Reportedly, he went out for a morning walk. It was around 9 am according to local time when a surfer spotted Nikolai Mushegian’s dead body in the waves. It is very strange that the crypto pioneer Nikolai Mushegian posted a tweet on Twitter that day around 4:57 am. In his last tweet, he said that the CIA, Mossad, and the “p*do elite” were going to torture him to death. Scroll down the page and read what Nikolai Mushegian stated in his tweet.

The thread reads, “CIA and Mossad and p*do elite are running some kind of s*x trafficking entrapment blackmail ring out of Puerto Rico and Caribbean islands. They are going to frame me with a laptop planted by my ex GF who was a spot. They will torture me to death.” The crypto pioneer also explained on Sept 5 that he would be killed by the CIA, and he would become a brain-damaged slave asset by the CIA.

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