Mark Traub NBC dead and obituary, Al Roker mourns death of beloved Today

Al Roker has had a tough time in recent weeks after being hospitalized after developing a blood clot in his lung. However, the TODAY star is clearly on the road to recovery and returned to social media after returning to the hospital. However, her return has been a downer since she will be mourning the loss of a beloved team member behind the scenes of the show.

Al posted a photo of him with stage manager Mark Traub and talked about his cheerful demeanor, especially his distinctive laugh. “The laugh you’ve always heard backstage at @todayshow for years was our stage manager @mtraub2295, and when he retired some of our sparks died,” he wrote.

“Unfortunately the light has gone out after a long struggle. Take care Mark. Fans have also reacted sadly, with one commenting: ‘Condolences to the family of the TODAY show,’” while another The fan also said: “I am very sorry for your loss. I can still hear that laugh in my head. “

The beloved host was absent for several weeks due to ill health, though he returned home on Thursday, November 24, just in time to spend the holidays with his family. His entire Today family wished him well, and the NBC daytime show posted tributes to the star on Instagram after he was rushed back to the hospital.

In fact, he was even given the special honor of being included in their special holiday video despite not being able to film it in person. While the rest of the main cast showed up in fun and celebratory segments, Al joined several members holding a cut-out sign with his face on it, showing that he is absolutely loved and remembered by his peers.

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