Francia James leaked onlyf on reddit and twitter, francety videos

OnlyF is a pay-per-subscription platform that allows all content creators to earn rich financial income. The influencers on this page are mostly women and they make videos and photos with adult material.

They managed to make so much money that a Playboy star decided to quit her modeling job to join OnlyF. Although it may seem like a joke, Francia James is a Colombian who decided to get rid of one of the most famous adult magazines and venture into the Internet.

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In an interview with the Daily Star, the woman herself explained that she lived in a very poor town in Colombia. Since she was a child, she had the idea of Playboy, a place of luxury and wealth. However, when “Rabbit” failed to achieve her financial goals.

“I didn’t make any money from it, but I guess people used it as a status symbol,” the model said.

With the advent of the Internet, James created an Instagram profile with more than 11 million followers. Furthermore, seeing the large audience she had on her hands, she opted to create an OnlyF account, which gave her the financial status she had been seeking.

He even managed to buy four houses, including one dedicated to his mother: “Francety, my OnlyF page, is doing great. I joined over two years ago and have been one of its main creators for years.”

“I can say that I have been able to do some amazing things with my money, including buying a house in South Florida and buying a house for my two sisters and my mother,” France said.

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