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Stephen Bear, the winner of Celebrity Big Brother, reportedly promised TOWIE star, Georgia Harrison, that he would never share a video of them having .

In his court case, Bear is charged with posting a CCTV video of him and his ex having on account without getting her consent.At Chelmsford Crown Court, the reality TV star is currently on trial for two counts of disclosing images or videos and one count of voyeurism.

Charges were filed after Georgia Harrison, Bear’s ex-girlfriend from TOWIE and Love Island, claimed Bear was posting the video online.

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In August 2020, the couple is seen in the video having in Bear’s garden.Before engaging in consensual activity, Georgia insisted she had no idea it would be captured on camera.

Bear only brought up the possibility of recording them on CCTV after the fact, according to Georgia. Bear’s account shared the video in November 2020 despite her request that he never send the footage to anyone else.

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Georgia has continued testifying in the trial today despite automatically waiving her right to remain anonymous. She claims that Bear promised her he would “never” share the video and has stated that she wants justice for what happened to her.

In court yesterday, Bear argued that the woman in the video wasn’t Georgia. The reality star accused her of making up “full-blown lies” in voice notes played to the court.

The trial will proceed

The trial of Stephen Bear is scheduled to continue this morning. For the second day of his “revenge” trial, the reality TV star is scheduled to arrive at Chelmsford Crown court.

Georgia Harrison, a TOWIE and Love Island star, is scheduled to continue testifying today. She claims Bear shared a CCTV video of the pair having in his garden on account without getting her consent.

Georgia claims she was only made aware of the CCTV after they had and that she was unaware that she was being recorded.

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