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Ms. Carey said it was the prosecution’s case that Bear had deliberately shared and uploaded the video for him or another party to “obtain sexual gratification” from it, as well as profit from the video being shared on sites such as OnlyFans and PornHub.

The jury heard tha

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t Bear has denied any involvement in the sharing of the video, claiming he didn’t share it in WhatsApp, nor did he upload it to any sites.


“She explained to him how bad it would be for her,” Ms. Carey said later.

In October, the alleged victim started hearing about people seeing the footage from the garden, and was then sent screenshots of an advert of the footage on Bear’s OnlyFans.

The advert, the prosecution said, read: “Good morning everyone, can’t wait for you to see me f**cking in the garden here is a sneak peak.”

Bear made a peace sign at cameras

Ms. Carey said that at first Bear, in a video on social media, denied that it was the alleged victim in the video, but then accuses her of being an attention seeker.

In Instagram videos played to the court, Bear claimed the last time he saw the woman was in Thailand, and the woman in the video “clearly wasn’t her”. He told his followers: “Everyone is human I have played a clown but I’m just saying it for good energy to make people around me happy.”

Screenshots between Mr. Bear and the victim were shown to the jury, as well as voice recordings from Mr. Bear after the footage was uploaded and she confronts him.

In the voice notes, played to the jury, Bear said that the woman had an idea in her head “wound up so much it makes you look like a c***. You don’t think before you do anything”.

He could also be heard saying: “when the dust settles you look like such an idiot for making up full-blown lies”. In a later message he could be heard saying “f***ing hell you have lost the plot” and “stay off the drugs”.

The victim denied sending it herself and, Ms. Carey said, told him: “We will discuss it in court, you know what you have done. It will ruin my life.”

The screenshot also saw the alleged victim tell him: “You’re gonna go prison for this Bear.”

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The court heard that on the day of the footage being released, the subscription to Bear’s OnlyFans account went up from $7.35 to $50, and then later on it went down to $20.

The court heard Bear was arrested at Heathrow Airport in January 2021, on the way back from Dubai.

In his police interview, Bear claimed it was the alleged victim showing friends the video.

“When he was asked if he had shown the footage to anyone, he said ‘no comment. About uploading to OnlyFans – ‘no comment’. Changed subscriptions – ‘no comment’,” Ms. Carey said, adding that further comments made by Bear said, “she has ruined, like f***ed my mental health”.

Ms. Carey told the court that another person would help Bear manage his OnlyFans account.

She said: “If Mr. Bear wasn’t behind this footage if it wasn’t one of those two, what are you left with? Some unidentified person has hacked into his OnlyFans, uploaded it to his subscribers, and shared it. All for the benefit of Mr. Bear.”

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