Moudi Tajjour Arrested: Ex-bikie Moudi Tajjour bashed at Bunnings

Moudi Tajjour Arrested: Ex-bikie Moudi Tajjour bashed at Bunnings: A couple of days back the former Nomads bikie boss named Moudi Tajjour was brutally ambushed by a gang. Meanwhile, the ex-bikie Moudi Tajjour was left with bruises on his face in Nerang. This was the matter of Saturday afternoon. Now, the former Nomads bikie boss Moudi Tajjour has warned his enemies. He gave an ominous warning to the gang which is responsible for his bruised face. Since Moudi Tajjour gave a threat to his enemies, this news is making headlines on the news channels. Nevertheless, followers of Moudi Tajjour are also getting curious to learn what did Moudi Tajjour say. If you are interested in knowing what Moudi Tajjour said in his ominous threat to his enemies then stick with this page and keep reading this article.


Moudi Tajjour Arrested

Moudi Tajjour Arrested

Moudi Tajjour issued a threat or warning to his enemies who ambushed him on Saturday outside a Gold Coast Bunnings. He gave an ominous threat to the Mongols Bikie Club on Monday night. Moudi Tajjour said, “This is a message to all the Mongols in Australia. Any state, Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast, Adelaide, tell us where? I’ll put the boys f***ing everywhere. Tell us where you want us to do this. I tried to Facetime you to show me where youse are, but youse won’t Facetime you keep rejecting it. You pu*sy dogs.”

Moudi Tajjour bashed and Arrested

His words can be seen on TikTok. There are a number of TikTok videos that are trending and going viral there. In the video, Moudi Tajjour’s threatening words can be heard. The ex-bikie further said, “You lying f***ing dogs. I’m out of retirement for you. For you Mongol c***s.” In the viral video, Moudi Tajjour is accusing his rival club of leaking the video and blaming the Lucky Thirteens for the attack on him. Scroll down the page and read more details.

Maudi Tajjour further announced that he is going on a hiatus on social media. He will not be available on social media for some days. He said, “to clear my head from this social media bubble I will take a break.” He further said, “I have not returned to the bikies. Was an angry moment and I spoke outs (sic) emotions. So [please] know I ain’t back in any crew,”

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