What Happened To Dede Ayew Daughter Inaya Ayew? Hospitalized After Game

What Happened To Dede Ayew Daughter Inaya Ayew? Hospitalized After Game: Ghana’s loss against Uruguay was not acceptable to the youngest daughter of Black stars captain Dede Ayew. Many football fans are wishing for the wellness of Dede Ayew’s daughter who was rushed to hospital following her dad’s team’s loss against Uruguay in the FIFA World Cup 2022. Who is the daughter of Dede Ayew? According to the reports, Dede Ayew’s daughter who was hospitalized after Ghana vs Uruguay match in Qatar Football World Cup is known as Maha Ayew. But many fans and netizens are taking over the internet and asking questions regarding Dede Ayew’s daughter such as what happened to Maha Ayew or why she was hospitalized. If you are also seeking answers to these questions then stick with this page and keep reading this article for more details. 

Dede Ayew Daughter

What Happened To Dede Ayew Daughter Inaya Ayew?

The news of Maha Ayew’s sudden poor health condition was confirmed and announced by Dede Ayew’s wife named Yvonne Ayew. Reportedly, Dede Ayew’s wife Yvonne Ayew took to her Instagram and informed the fans about Maha’s health condition. While revealing this news, Yvonne Ayew indicated that it happened during the match between Uruguay and Ghana. Meanwhile, Ghana tasted a bitter defeat against Uruguay in the world cup. Drag down the page and read more details.

Dede Ayew Daughter Hospitalized After Game

Mrs. Ayew further informed the fans that Maha’s father Dede Ayew was there with his daughter after the game. Meanwhile, the fans of Ghana and Dede Ayew sent their sweet messages and well-wishes to the family as they prey for Maha’s speedy recovery. This was the matter of December 2, 2022. Maha Ayew is the youngest daughter of Dede and Yvonne Ayew. Maha was at the stadium and watching the match of her dad’s team against Uruguay but due to her sudden deteriorated health, she was taken to Sidra Medical and Research Center Hospital. Scroll down the page and read more details.

Who Is Dede Ayew, Daughter?

Yvonne Ayew shared an image of Black star Dede Ayew carrying his daughter Inaya at the patient wardroom while his youngest daughter Maha Ayew stood by his side. One more picture was posted by Yvonne on her Instagram account in which her youngest daughter Maha is lying on the hospital bed while Dede was touching her head and talking with the doctors. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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