Rabi Pirzada video viral video became viral on Reddit and Twitter

Rabi Pirzada video, a former Lollywood pop singer, composer, and television personality, quit the profession in November 2019 when her tainted photographs and videos became viral online. She has since become religious.

During her ten-year career, Rabi was at the centre of various scandals and controversies. She recently appeared on Nadir Ali’s show, where she addressed her 2019 video scandal.

When Ali pressed her on the subject, she started, “I had been a rebellious person from my childhood.”


Rabi Pirzada just said, “The scandal had happened because of my family,” without giving into information about how her family’s participation in the event led to the scandal.

She bemoaned how others reacted, calling it a tragedy. “I was astounded by people’s statements and acts. As well as those who shared my movies,” one individual stated.

Rabi Pirzada video

She remembered that the public outrage had murdered Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain, who was found dead at his home days after his private films were broadcast online.

Rabi Pirzada, Pop Singer, Uncut Full HD Viral Video

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