John Hermann dead and obituary on car accident, of Mobile Vet Clinic death

Death of John Hermann – John Hermann and Dr. John Hermann D.V.M of Mobile Veterinary Clinic passed away Sunday, December 4th in a car accident. Mobile Veterinary Clinic with Dr. John Hermann D.V.M confirmed his death on social media. Relatives said please give them time to find out and keep an eye on the website and Facebook for more information. An official accident report is still pending.

Who is John Herman?

Dr. John Herman D.V.M. graduated from Michigan State University in 1993. He is a hybrid animal practitioner offering a low cost immunization/spa clinic that aims to exceed client expectations by providing quality and affordable animal health services.


Mobile Veterinary Clinic with Dr. John Herman D.V.M

The purpose of the mobile veterinary clinic is with Dr. John Hermann D.V.M is committed to providing pet owners with convenience and cost savings, while serving your pets to ensure their continued good health and well-being. Dr. Herman has worked with a variety of animal welfare organizations including Romulus Animal Shelter, Monroe County Animal Control, Downstream Central Animal Control, Woodhaven and Trenton Animal Shelters and many family farms and homes .

These clinics are located at various locations in Southeast Michigan. And Dr. At John Hermann’s Mobile Animal Clinic, our goal is to provide you not only with trusted advice, but to provide you with the highest quality veterinary care. So you can enjoy the company of your companion for as long as possible. It is not only the employee’s responsibility, but also the customer’s responsibility to educate them on how to care for their pet so that he or she is always happy and healthy.


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