How did Kifo Maya Mia die and what was her cause of death?

How did Kifo Maya Mia die and what was her cause of death?: This is to confirm that the former girlfriend of Tanzanian actor Idris Sultan named Maya Mia has passed away. Yes, it is confirmed, Maya Mia who was the ex-girlfriend of Tanzanian actor Idris Sultan is no more. She died recently. Since Maya Mia’s death news broke out fans of Idris Sultan and singer Ommy Dimpoz are taking over the internet and sharing their condolences with them. According to the reports, most recently Maya Mia was in a relationship with well-known singer Ommy Dimpoz. What happened to Maya Mia or how did she die? What could be the reason behind her sudden demise? There are a number of questions regarding the death of Maya Mia. If you are also seeking an answer to this question then stick with this page and keep reading this article.


Kifo Maya Mia

How did Kifo Maya Mia die?

Let’s start with Maya Mia, who was Maya Mia? She was a professional makeup artist. Furthermore, Maya Mia was a resident of Macedonia but she used to reside in South Africa. However, Maya Mia also lived in Tanzania for around 10 years before migrating to South Africa. As mentioned, Maya Mia was the ex-girlfriend of Tanzanian actor and comedian Idris Sultan. Currently, the Tanzanian actor is mourning the passing of his ex-girlfriend.

Kifo Maya Mia Death Cause

Speaking about her relationship with a Tanzanian actor, they lived together for years. Meanwhile, Maya Mia and Idris Sultan split up in 2018 when the makeup artist suffered a miscarriage. She then traveled to South Africa to pursue her makeup career. Eventually, she surged to fame in the world of makeup and became a renowned makeup artist. Later she started dating singer Ommy Dimpoz. They were in a romantic relationship since 2020. But what happened to Maya Mia? What is her cause of death?

Who was Kifo Maya Mia?

According to the source, the makeup artist took her own life, she committed suicide by shooting herself. The news of Maya Mia’s death was confirmed by singer Ommy Dimpoz who wrote on Instagram, “RIP MY Love” and attached a picture of Maya Mia with him. In addition, he also shared a collection of their memorable moments. Ommy wrote, “Innalillahi wainna illaihi rajighun”. Many people expressed their sorrow over Maya’s death. Our heartfelt condolences are with them. May God grant her salvation. Stay tuned to this website for more details.

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