RIP: Broadway Actor Quentin Oliver Lee Cause Of Death, How Did He Die? Age, Funeral & Obituary!

New York stage performer, Opera performer, and also an actor, Quentin Oliver Lee has now passed away at the age of 34. Oliver was part of the film called Oratorio For Living Things which was a massive hit and this movie also gained many awards as well. Oliver was widely recognized for his role in this movie, Oliver’s wife was the one who announced the news online and she also announced that Oliver passed away peacefully while h was surrounded by his loved ones, most importantly, Oliver was smiling in his last moments. Stay tuned as we covered everything in detail about Oliver and also about his demise as well.

Angie Oliver Lee, wife of Oliver Lee was the one who announced the news online and she posted on her social media, Instagram saying that her husband has now passed away. Oliver was credited with the 2019 movie called Caroline or change and he was also part of the production called Prince of Broadway and a part of The phantom of the opera where he toured the tired role for over a year before he was cast. Other than that Oliver was also an understudy in the Diane Paulus production called Porgy and Ness. Speaking about his opera stage performance, Lee appeared in I am Harvey Milk at the Fisher Hall and in Carmen which is in New York Lyric Opera, he also worked in many other credentials.

Who Was Quentin Oliver Lee?

Oliver’s wife, Angie added on her Instagram pictures of Oliver and said that Oliver passed away peacefully at his house, It was mentioned by her that he passed away in the early hours of Thursday morning, 1st of December 2022, and he passed away while he was surrounded by his loved ones. It was also mentioned by Angie that Oliver had a smile on his face when he passed away and in his last moment. She said that she is grateful that Oliver was along with her until the very last moment and she heard his heartbeat stop slowly and see her husband pass away peacefully. She said that it was peaceful and perfect. She also said that he held her hand at the very last moment.

Quentin Oliver Lee Illness

Speaking about Oliver, he suffered from cancer and was at the last stage of it when he passed away. Oliver publicly added that he suffered from cancer and was in the last stage, stage 4. For the expenses to get carried out, Oliver also had a go fund page in his name which was set up last June and it also collected a bit of an amount. Oliver was survived by his wife Angie and also their daughter Samantha. Angie posted their family pictures and she also said that as her daughter and she is left with their family getting apart, they are supported by their loved ones and although she might not read messages they will reach her and she feels it as well.

Oliver was also named a Western region finalist in the Metropolitan opera national council auditions and also in the national association of teachers of singer artist awards as well. Other than that, he also received a Bachelor’s music in Vocal Performance from north Arizona University in 2012. While sharing his story Oliver added on his Instagram and posted pictures of him wearing hospital wristbands. He mentioned how 2022 has been a rollercoaster for him and how he has been dealing with his health conditions. Oliver suffered from Stage 4 colon cancer and he passed away amid it. Oliver worked as a guest soloist in Sodeona Opera saloons and many other events.

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